Gimbal Cop Alpha is HERE!!

It’s official folks, Alpha has landed, you can find it here!

As we’ve harped, the game is very much still in progress, with many features and much content to come, but we are pretty happy with the state of the game, and felt it was the right time to start sharing it with anybody who wants in, and to start soliciting your feedback (at the moment, you can send your thoughts to — we’ll be setting up forums and a feedback form, along with various other communication channels this weekend.

Some of the immediate and low-hanging-fruit updates we’re planning for the following week or two include: a world map to show you how the various levels connect and branch, and to allow you to go back to a previous level; track switching, letting you play as any of the other 4 tracks we have in the game than good ol’ Octo (and a fix to make the LOD system not suck); an in-game replay sharing feature so you can post your crazy runs in a web player to share with your friends; and coins and a metagame, and the related high-score tracking and viewing.

Further down the line, we plan to add multiplayer support to this Snake mode (you might notice that it’s already hosting and joining a local server, because sometimes it freaks out and locks the port :O), as well as the long-promised Tunnel mode, featuring Runner players racing along the track as the Architect player creates it.

Well, it’s been a lot of work and not a lot of sleep, so that’s all for now folks.  Exciting exciting times!!

~ by Defective on December 13, 2013.

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