Gimbal Cop Win-Mac-Linux-VR open alpha lands THIS WEEK!

Gimbal Cop Alpha!

That’s right, folks! The Gimbal Cop Alpha will be available THIS WEEK! It’s Finally here!  Well not exactly — again, this’ll be the alpha of the game, meaning there are still significant content and feature changes and additions we have in mind (as opposed to Beta, which to us means “feature complete but buggy”).  We’re taking the increasingly popular indie (and AAA? Oooooooo) approach here of putting up a paid download of the game well before the final “we can stop working on it now” release.  It’ll be $5 (or whatever you want to pay) this week and for this general version of the game, and will likely rise with future major updates (free for anyone who’s already bought the game of course — so get it while it’s cheap!).

As we talked about at length last time, we’ve done a lot of experiments over the course of the project, and for the immediate alpha release, are focused on the Snake game mode: fly through a branching-difficulty campaign of environments, collecting goodies, not crashing, making sweet shapes with the tail you leave in your path, and following challenge paths to unlock new and harder levels and campaign branches (allowing a new player to play through an easy series of levels, and a more experienced player to branch off into the fast and hard stuff).  This release also includes our famed VR mode for Oculus Rift, which has been a huge hit everywhere we’ve strapped it on faces.

In future updates, we’ll be pushing the multiplayer and racing components of the game, including racing along the track while another player creates it, as well as multiplayer Snake mode. In the future™.

So there you have it.  Keep an eye on our website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, smoke signals and telepathic bursts this week  to get the latest buzz, and ultimately the game itself on Friday!  Tell your friends now though — help us get that hype rock rolling!

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  1. Defective Studios! To whom it may concern, most likely all of you keep up the good work! Stay on the grind. Definitely gonna keep your development process on my radar.

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