Gimbal Cop Alpha Update #1 (v 0.1.1): Performance and VR improvements, new version notifier

Howdy Folks,

We’ve pushed Gimbal Cop’s first update!  How exciting.  v0.1.1 is currently live, meaning that’s what you’ll get if you get the game now, and if you’ve already bought and downloaded the game, you can update it through Humble as well.

This update includes a number of under-the-hood tune-ups that you’ll mostly notice as performance improvements and one or two nasty bugs being no more (ah, the things that happen when you let your baby out into the wild..), and also various improvements to the Oculus Rift VR mode, including fixing a bug where you didn’t hear sound effects in VR, and changing the post-round behavior so you can use the Retry/Replay/Continue UI more easily.  There’s also a new UI that will alert you when there’s a new update available, to make this process smoother for people who already have the game in future versions.

We’ll have more updates in the near future, including some new feature updates, so stay tuned!  We’ll also be rolling out a feedback system shortly, so get ready to bombard us with your reports and requests!

~ by Defective on December 19, 2013.

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