New Mobile Game Ahoy (New Art!)

Here you have it folks, the first concept art of the yet-untitled upcoming Defective multiplayer mobile game:

The first mind-humping concept art from our upcoming brain-sploding multiplayer mobile game

Crazy, eh? We’re busting ass right now getting this game to a presentable and fun state by GDC (and PAX East after that).

This is a project we’ve only just started working on in earnest, but have been kicking around for at least a year now: a multiplayer mobile game where one (or more) player (“The Architect”) flies around, leaving a literal trail of craziness behind them, while “The Runner”, the other player (or many), chases along this track, trying to stay on. ¬† Maybe you can see how iteration works around here sometimes ūüėČ ¬†Each player uses accelerometer / compass control on a phone / tablet / whathaveyou controller.

Schoen prototyped the mesh creation most of a year ago, giving us a full-tilt controller to fly around, generating a crazy track behind (with a rollercoaster aesthetic at the time). ¬†Some time after that, Elliott drew up this awesome vision piece. ¬†Since then, we’ve all been on something of a hiatus from independent projects as we worked away on a handful of contracts … until now! ¬†As we fly towards this gameplay prototype, Schoen is engineering full multiplayer and more advanced systems for making and staying on the track; Elliott and Junkles are cranking out 2D and 3D art to make the world actually look like something (and something awesome), and Jono is scripting up the gameplay.

We’re so freaking excited about advancing and spreading tech making new game etc possibilities — maybe we’re crazy for making a multi-smartphone game (First World Problem: Defective broke my Superphone 5GS!), but given how quickly crazy phones and tablets have spread, we’re confident that we’re taking the long-term perspective on this one.. and anyway, by the time we’re pushing this out the door, the tech will have spread and shifted even more (or completely popped, driving down prices and changing the landscape.. oh, complicated stuff!)

Speaking of pushing this game out the door, we’re not sure yet, but we’re talking about posting incremental WIP builds on at least the Android Marketplace (iOS App Store, on the other hand, explicitly denies beta / “incomplete” software, boo hiss), the first as soon as GDC (next week). ¬†So … hold your breath. ¬†And come find us at GDC and PAX East. ¬†We even have swag.

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