Infinite Tentacle Inbound!

Behold! Indulge your senses in these — our little bun making its first kicks in the digital womb, swimming in gamedevvy indie-love placenta — the first-ever screenshots of the most anticipated creative mobile multiplayer game in the galaxy: Gimbal Cop (And The Case of Objectionable Hypercorrection)!

Expose yourself to these face-melting shots and gaze upon new artistic visions with which to excite your face, and new technical hoo-haw to thump on your nethers to, as you see core functionality falling smoothly into place: the dastardly Architect weaves his knot of Infinite-Procedural-Space-Octopus-Tentacle (“Look out! It’s the IPSOT!”), while the Runners try desperately to keep up, racing in hot pursuit to catch up to that madman before he can spread his whacked out madness through any more of our beautiful galactic skybox.

Watch this space for more updates, shots, videos, and experiments real soon.

Our infinite tentacle is coming.  And it’s gonna get you good.

~ by Defective on June 15, 2012.

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  1. Wow, this game looks amazing i can’t wait 🙂

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