Devblog lives, good news in DefectiveLand, happiness for all!

Defective Devblog online, huzzah!  At last, a place for Defective to share with the world their mad science exploits, their starving artist urges, their bleary-eyed prophecies… yeah.  Starting tomorrow.  This little dev is sleepy.

But first, the headlines — big news be had in DefectiveLand!  We have a major demo coming up, showcasing Platformer, Fanboy Jim’s game, and specifically our Platformer and Maya integration tech pipeline mumbo jumbo.  The event is at Bunker Hill Community College on June 14th at 6 PM, hosted by our friends at Great Eastern Technology.  The event is titled “Creating Mobile Games with Max, Maya, and Unity“, click that there link if you’re in the area and can come (and worry not, the presentation shall live on in YouTube glory.. unless the live demo thing really blows up in our faces this time).  So, we may not be making a mobile game (not primarily, not at the moment.. more on that later..), and we may not be using 3DsMax… but hey, our Maya and Unity stuff is definitely a new idea and worth seeing.  Or maybe I should say Maya and Unity and Platformer and AssetCloud.  Leave it to us kids, we’re doing science here.  Anyway, you’ll not want to miss this one, especially if you find yourself to be a 3D artist interested in a novel approach to level design and modeling.  We have 30+ mins to nom the ears off any and all willing listeners, and the remainder of the non-mingling evening will be Carl from Unity presenting the Maya/Max-Unity pipeline.

Other good news is less communicable, at least at the moment, but suffice it to say that we’ve landed a sweet contract gig that’ll hold us over for a long time and put some bangin’ clients on the (atm nonexistent) Commercial page.  As Ichiro of Dejobaan said upon hearing the news, “oh so that’s what you’re doing these days.”  Fear not kids, selling out ain’t our jam, not today… but hey, even awesome ramen gets old after a while.  Recipes to-be-posted.  But seriously, we have at least 2-5 other, independent, projects going on, so don’t tuck us into the “advertising factory” camp just yet.

To end on some more communicable good news, we’re very happy to welcome two new members to the team, technically interns (we can give college credit, how crazy is that?!), one focusing on game scripting who goes by the name of Justin, but you can call him Pants; and the other an IT / server / webapp dude by name of Ted (for you longtime Defective fans, The Ted).  Justin and Ted will be working with us at least for the summer, coding up new game jams, creating new webapps, working on aforementioned hush-hush contract gig, beefing up AssetCloud, adding new functionality to Platformer / Fanboy, and all around employing the likes of C#, PHP, and MySQL as prime means for ass-kicking.  Welcome Pants and Ted!

Blog up, good news everyone!  This should give us an outlet to provide small updates as we work away on our various (public-facing) projects, so come back often, or just save yourself the headache and subscribe to our RSS feed (we have an RSS feed, right?).

Excuse me, I have to yell at passers-by from my perch.

~ by Defective on May 31, 2011.

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  1. PAAAAAANTS! Good to hear that everything is going well!


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