IGF Submission Process: DONE – and other things to come!

You don’t know this, but the Runner fell right through the track a millisecond later.

After many nailbiting, hair-ripping, moments, we are proud to declare our success in submitting Gimbal Cop to the Independent Games Festival! The process was insane just as much as it was exciting, and all the stress, tears, and sweat were absolutely worth it

We can’t say what will end up happening, but hopefully the judges will be just as pleased as we are with our current build. Things have come a long, long way since we first started. The graphics are shinier, the gameplay is smoother, and we’ve added details here and there that we know our players will absolutely love. We’ll be updating you soon about what those are, but what is a blog post without a little…suspense?!

Although we’ve gotten a build into IGF, we’re not planning on stopping work anytime soon. We have many, many other things to work on before getting the game out. Keep checking this site for more details, as well as our twitter account, our facebook page, and our brand new youtube page – the Defectube!

Yes, a youtube page! As we work on Gimbal Cop, we’re going to be posting videos of the game content as well as some conversations about our process.

One of our co-founders, Jono Forbes, hard at work before submitting the game.

Already, we’ve got one such conversation up on the Defectube where we talk briefly (from the glamorous Defective kitchens!) about releasing Gimbal Cop on multiple platforms and why that is so important to us. Check it out here! As it is our first, there are audio issues (such as our filmer being REALLY LOUD while everyone else is at a reasonable level). We apologize for the nuttiness and are working on improvements right now! We are going to try and put videos out regularly so that y’all get to know us 🙂 and how we put together our game.

Is there anything YOU want to hear us talk about? Feel free to email team@defectivestudios.com with suggestions for stuff you want to hear from us, or stuff you want to see. We live on suggestions! We’re thinking of new ways to reach out to you so we can all get pumped for Gimbal Cop together as one big mass of AWESOME.

Until next time!

~ by Khadeja on October 19, 2012.

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