VR Contract Gig Wrapped; More Goodness Coming

Why hello there, long time no chat. Worry not, all is well in the virtual Defectivehaus: we’ve been hard at work for a few weeks on a small VR contract project, which, at least in its first phase, we’re wrapping today. We should be able to say more about it soon, but for now suffice it to say it’s something of a best-of-all-worlds situation: we get paid to work on a cool project in our favorite new emerging tech.

There’s also a pretty beefy CosmoKnots update, mainly controls focused, that we just barely weren’t able to get out the door before going all-hands-on-deck on this VR project, but that update will come very soon (dare I predict within a week), with more CK updates in queue just behind that one. And if that weren’t enough good (if not vague) news all in one post, we’ve also been jamming on a handful of little game jams, at least some of which should see the light of day before long.

~ by Jono on May 2, 2014.

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