Gimbal Cop Alpha Update #4 (v0.2.3): Post-Round Replays, Settings Screen, New Tunes, Changelog

Rejoice, it’s your favorite time of the week-or-two: there’s a new Gimbal Cop version live!  This new v0.2.3 adds the ability to view a replay in-game immediately after finishing a round/level, a settings screen where you can adjust mouse sensitivity and invert vertical control, and two new pieces of music. Also, we’re debuting our new short-form changelog.  Also-also, check out this new gameplay video, showing a full run of “Spacewheel” and its newfangled post-level replay:

Post-Level Replay

In the chill-time after a round, where you check out the sweet tail you just spunked all over space, click that nice ‘View Replay’ button, and get the instant replay treatment of the round you just played.

Hit that 'View Replay' button.  You know you want to.

Hit that ‘View Replay’ button. You know you want to.

This is the same replay view you get on the online replay viewer + sharer and the ‘View Replay’ button from the main menu, but in this case you’ll have some trusty new ‘Continue’ and ‘Retry’ buttons to keep going with the game.

Post-level replay, being a champ.

Post-level replay, being a champ.

Settings Screen

At last, we’ve brought back our good ol friend, the settings screen.  Here, you’ll find a slider to control your mouse sensitivity, and toggles to invert vertical control (for both mouse and gamepad (on which you can also invert vertical control with the ‘Back’ button)) and to show the Mouse-As-Joystick display, which visualizes the mouse input.  Unfortunately, the settings screen is disabled in VR mode; don’t worry Rifters, we won’t neglect you long, you’ll have that screen in the next update, most likely.

Settings screen

New Music

There are two new musical tracks in the game: a smooth-beat “You Lose :(” theme, for when you crash, and a spacey ambient world map theme, to ponder the mysterious Gimbal Cop universe over.  A week before v0.1 exploded Gimbal Cop upon the Interwebs, the game had about two musical tracks in it, and in very short order swelled to the ~11 tracks you hear now, hugely thanks to the amazing original contributions of Ben Stepner and Steve Sando, who delivered again this week with these two new additions (Ben did the lose theme, Steve did the world map theme).  We’ll surely do a full profile on each of these prolific polyrhythm producers shortly, and we couldn’t be more excited about the way the Gimbal Cop soundtrack is coming together.

As we promised some time ago, we’ve made a dedicated changelog page where you’ll be able to see both the super-short version of these updates, and also some of the smaller fixes or tweaks that we leave out of these posts.  Check it out at


That’s all for now folks!  Come back real soon, we’ve got some sweet stuff brewing.  As always, you can find the newest version in your Humble library or through the in-game update prompt, and if you don’t have the game yet and are salivating at all this newness, waste no time!

~ by Jono on March 5, 2014.

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